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When individual wishes to give his/her dog the best treat of a tasty and healthy snack, he/she should consider giving it a delicious treat of the Betsy Farms Duck Jerky Treats which does not contain any wheat. The Betsy Farms Duck Jerky Treats have been processed using the best ingredients of the American raised duck which are high in protein and are free from wheat or any other artificial preservatives like colors and flavors. Therefore when individual wishes to give the dog a treat of the Betsy Farm Duck Treats, he/she can be sure to that the dog will receive a high-quality treat which will show some love to the dog and thus it makes the owner of the dog feel better.


Some of the benefits that the dog will receive from the Betsy Farms Duck Treats include the high protein level which is essential to the dog for growth. Since they are made up of a real duck and other wholesome ingredients like the minerals, they are useful for maintaining the good health of the dog. Being free from wheat, artificial colors, and flavors, the Betsy Farm Duck Treats are advised to be used since they made with natural ingredients which cannot do more harm to the dog. Thus, they are the perfect training treat or reward to the dog.


When an individual wants to make the Betsy Farm Duck Jerky Treats at www.betsyfarms.com, one has to consider the following ingredients. At first, the individual show has the duck, barley, some tapioca, pea protein as well as corn protein concentration. Some duck liver will also be required along with some vegetable to give the treat some vitamins, glycerine, dried whey, potassium sorbate and caramel color mixed tocopherols which both are used as preservatives, some salt will be needed as well as lactic acid, hickory smoke flavour and lastly the rosemary extracts to give some flavours.


The Betsy Farm Duck Jerky Treat should be supervised and regulated and should not be given to the dog as a substitute for the normal food. The new treat is overwhelming since it is made of wholesome ingredients and real poultry which offers protein and they do not contain any wheat which may harm the dog. The daily recommended feeding amounts of the Betsy Farm Duck Jerky Treat will depend on the weight of the dog where those that have a weight of between two to five kilogrammes are given a piece of the treat while five to eleven kilograms are given 2 pieces, eleven to twenty-two kilogrammes are given 3 pieces while those above twenty-two kilograms are provided with four pieces of the treats. Visit this website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/pet for further information about dog treats.